Dan Roberts


As the eldest brother, Dan has the most experience in music and performing. Raised in the Bay Area and coming of age in Berkeley (he swears he has no memory of that), he also studied opera and received the training that makes his voice one of the most notable and powerful in the folk music community. A true folkie, Dan’s repertoire spans centuries. It also spans three octaves which allows him to sing lead, bass, or make strange noises. He also plays a mean set of spoons and admits to being a recovering elementary school teacher.


Instruments: Vocals, 12-string guitar, Mandolin, Appalachian dulcimer, spoons, baritone kazoo.

Chris Glanister

Chris Glanister has been hanging around folk music for too many years and it shows (mostly in the waistline...). He grew up in England listening to Burl Ives, Pete Seeger and the popular British folk group, The Spinners, along with Led Zeppelin, the Monkees and lots of classical music.  As the co-founder of the local Seattle Celtic band Watch the Sky! he has been entertaining audiences with his whistle playing and vocals for many years. He started his musical career as a recording and live sound engineer and at some point had to play the music he was hearing. He's since added bohdran, cittern, cowbell and banjo to his musical lineup, and loves the Scottish and maritime influences in the music he plays.


Instruments: Vocals, 6-string guitar, cittern, mandolin, banjo, bass ukulele, bohdran, penny whistle, recorder, cowbell, tenor kazoo.

Rob Kneisler


Newest Whateverly Brother and award-winning songwriter Rob Kneisler originally hails from Michigan, where he was extremely active musically in his earlier years performing in venues all around the Great Lakes Region. But then there was a relatively quiet decade or two where Rob didn’t get out much and could frequently be found hunkered over a guitar in a dark room trying to figure out how guys like Bruce Cockburn, Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges managed to do what they did. Now that this is mostly out of his system, Rob is back out in public again doing what comes naturally: learning, writing, laughing and performing.


Instruments: Vocals, 6-string guitar, banjo, bass ukulele, accordion, bass kazoo.